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Founded in 1974, the New England Promotional Products Association (NEPPA) represents over 350 promotional products companies throughout New England and beyond.  We invite you to participate in association activities and take advantage of our member benefits.  NEPPA sponsors the two largest industry trade shows in New England, high quality educational programs, and networking events each year where you can meet other industry professionals in our region, develop strong relationships and open doors to new business.


Educate, inform and support our supplier and distributor members in pursuit of an evolving promotional products industry


Instilling passion and professionalism to achieve members’ business goals





HUB Promotional Group

Karen enjoys camping, kayaking, skiing, traveling...

Joined the NEPPA Board: 2018

Years in Industry: 7

Hobbies: Camping, kayaking, skiing, traveling sports mom!

Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my son and watching him grow into a fine young man; relaxing at the beach, spending time with friends and family

Favorite Thing About the Industry: I love the friendliness and willingness to help each other; positive energy from shows and events; always meeting new people and creating great relationships

Favorite Quote: “I’ve seen paradise, so I’m all set.” –Me on vacation in Hawaii 1998 before I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!



Vice President

BrandHero promotions, inc.
A Geiger Affiliate

David likes travel, working out, cycling, hiking, reading...

Joined the NEPPA Board: 2019

Years in the Industry: 14

Personal Passions: Travel, working out, cycling, hiking, reading and FUN!

Professional Passions: Marketing, public speaking, custom overseas products, networking, creativity and delivering results when told something can’t be done.

Favorite Pastime: Hiking with my dogs

Favorite Quote: “Luck is the residue of design.” –Branch Ricky




BIC Graphic

Pam enjoys spending weekends with family and friends...

Joined the Board: 2018

Years in Industry: 26

Hobbies: Besides her beautiful daughter Bryanna she enjoys interior design. She loves to take a diamond in the rough and make it sparkle again!

Favorite Pastime: Talking and texting daily with Bryanna about the memories she is making in college and feeling thankful she is allowing me along for the ride. Spending weekends with family and friends.

Favorite Thing About the Industry: The life-long friends she has made and the everyday opportunities it brings

Favorite Quote: “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot succeed or be happy.” –Norman Vincent Pearle

“The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation!”  –inspirationquotesmagazine.com






Loren likes, golf, poker, Red Sox...

Joined the NEPPA Board: 2018

Years in the Industry: 24

Hobbies: Golf, Red Sox baseball, Redskins football and time with my best friend / wife

Favorite Pastime: Watching my stepson grow and compete in life and athletics

Favorite Thing About the Industry: Creativeness and impact.  I love creative marketing and the power of promotional products.

Favorite Quote: “I know I was born and I know that I’ll die.  It’s the in between that’s mine.  I Am Mine.”  –Ed Vedder



Immediate Past President


Christie spends time in Kennebunkport...

Joined the NEPPA Board: 2015

Years in the Industry: 22

Hobbies: Traveling, spending time with family & friends

Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my family and friends in Kennebunkport, ME

Favorite Quote: “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” –Albert Einstein




Lynx Promotions
An iPROMOTEu Affiliate

Steve enjoys golf, sailing...

 Joined the NEPPA Board: 2019

Years in the Industry: 34

Hobbies: Golf, sailing

Favorite Pastime: Enjoying the present moment

Favorite Thing About the Industry: It’s different every day.

Favorite Quote: Everything works out in the end.  If it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end.” –Tracy McMillan

“If you didn’t take a picture, it didn’t happen.” –Me





HALO Branded Solutions

Chris likes creating memories for her family...

Joined the NEPPA Board: 2018

Years in the Industry: 9

Hobbies: Working on renovating the “farm,” creating memories for my family, creating flower arrangements and venues for weddings, working in her gardens, working out and most of all her new grandson

Favorite Pastime: Relaxing with her family

Favorite Thing About the Industry: The people

Favorite Quote: “You can’t get where you’re going until you know where you have been.”




Staples Promotional Products

Barbra enjoys Yoga, shopping, live music...

Joined the Board: 2020

Years in Industry: 12

Hobbies: Yoga, shopping, live music and art and checking out new restaurants.

Favorite Pastime: Relaxing at the pool or beach with friends.

Favorite Thing About the Industry: I love that no two days are ever the same and I am never board. Each day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to learn something new!

Favorite Quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” -Audrey Hepburn




Alphabroder / Prime

Lori enjoys family time, running - marathon training...

Joined the NEPPA Board: 2019

Years in Industry: 26

Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my husband Brian, daughters Lily (9) and Mackenzie (8) and faithful lab, Seamus (1.5).  We love to take family vacations that usually include a nice mix of sightseeing and beaches.

Passion: Running – I love pushing and challenging myself to go faster and farther.  I often use marathon training as the blueprint for every other area of my life.

Favorite Thing About the Industry: Hands down, the people.  I have never met more passionate, fun, creative, friendly, smart and engaging people in my life.

Favorite Quote: “You don’t know what you don’t know.”  I experienced this first hand going from being a distributor to being a supplier.




Stran Promotional Solutions

Rachel enjoys spending time with her sons Sam and Ian...

Joined the Board: 2018

Years in Industry: 14

Favorite Pastime: When I am not working, I am often watching my son Sam play baseball, football or basketball or I am watching/critiquing movies with my other son Ian. I also find myself at JP Crossfit doing things I never thought possible. I love living in Roslindale and enjoy taking advantage of all of the wonderful music and art that Boston has to offer.

Favorite thing  about the industry: It is different every day! I also love the intersection of creativity and helping clients accomplish business goals!

Favorite Quote: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Past Presidents at NEPPA's 40th Anniversary Celebration September 2014


Making headlines in 1974


The leadership who got us where we are today!

2019 Christie Wright, PCNA

2018 Heather O’Neill, CAS, Walker-Clay, Inc.

2017 Pat Buff, MAS, Imagination Branding

2016 JoAnn Goodloe, Barker Specialty Company

2015 Kimberly Coen, Polyconcept N.A.

2014 Nicholas D’Eramo, Triple Stitch

2013 Nancy Bercovitz, Jules Scheck Associates

2012 Hilary Gallagher, Spry International, Inc.

2011 Wanda Levy, Coastal Promotions Inc.

2010 Dana Witczak, SanMar

2009 Michael Moore, Bay State Specialty Company

2008 Stephen Monahan, THEMCO, LLC

2007 David Zimmerman, MAS, Advertising Works

2006 Paul E. Keane, Bryan Company, Inc.

2005 Jennifer Pollano, Advertising Concepts Inc.

2004 Joseph Ferris, Jr., MAS, Omni Products Inc.

2003 Joseph Collins, Opus by Collins

2002 Kathy Szatkowski, MAS, Worldwide Specialty Sales

2001 Clare Craig, CAS, Geiger Bros.

2000 Shannon Silber, MAS, The Tavan Company, Inc.

1998-1999 Robert S. Berman, CAS, Berman Leather Company

1997-1998 Peter C. Gleason, MAS, The Quill Company

1996 Steven J. Hillman, MAS, Virdis Associates

1995 Stephen R. Cornell, Cornell Concepts Corp.

1994 Gail Goldstein, CAS, Worldwide Specialty Sales

1993 Michael M. Woody, The Quill Company, Inc.

1992 Allan B. Silber, MAS, Double-Oh-Seven, Ltd.

1991 Richard C. Ferreira, MAS, Rich Ferreira & Companies

1990 Joan M. Millane, CAS, JJ Enterprises

1989-1990 Stephen R. Almeida, CAS, Almeida Enterprises

1988-1989 Peter MacDonald, The Ad King

1987-1988 Patricia A. Dugan, Pilgrim Plastic Products

1986-1987 Peter Mahony, Action Ad Specialty Co.

1985-1986 Dale B. Johnson, Dale B. Johnson Associates

1984-1985 Maralyn D. Brink, Brink Associates

1983-1984 Ken Fettig, Cornell Concepts

1982-1983 Skip Mays, Northeast Promotions

1981-1982 Jim Moore, Bay State Specialty

1980-1981 John MacDonald, MacDonald Associates

1979-1980 Frank Firicano, Pilgrim Plastics

1978-1979 Lew Ginsberg, Marketing Incentives

1977-1978 Ron Cook, Perin Products

1976-1977 Ben Waters, The Ad King

1975-1976 Mel Hyman, ArtMold Products

1974-1975 Mel Hyman, ArtMold Products

New England Promotional Products Association